The Company

Company profile

From an early age I have been introduced in the art of commerce. Having worked in the Athens market, I learned  this city and its needs. It is a beautiful city, alive, with prospects.
I was involved in retail and importing trade.
Judging the year of 2007 as a critical one, I turned to the real estate. Trained with the required studies - seminars and based on my experience up to then, I started with professional real estate. Then I expanded to residential, vacation and land plots.
I always try to make interesting proposals, to discuss the issues with my clients and to find the best solutions for them.

Zoe Balkamou.

Photo by Christophe Meneboeuf [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons / Desaturated from original

Objectives & Principles

In our office, with personal work, we build our relationships with our clients, formulating solutions and suggestions based on your needs.


I work with my clients on an exclusive level so I can invest the time and work needed to professionally pursue their goals.


I want my clients to trust me, and to feel safe, open and sure that I will do everything possible to help them achieve their goals in the best possible way.


Any communication between us is considered absolutely confidential from my part, so I want you to discuss with me all your concerns and needs in order to make a flexible plan for the most advantageous solution.

Network of partners

In addition to my job, I have chosen collaborators with occupations that provide solutions at all stages of buying or renting a property.

The real estate agency works to support  better my clients with:

  • lawyer
  • notary
  • mechanical engineer for PEA, legitimations, topographic, operating licenses
  • architect for renovations and implementation of completed constructions
  • real estate appraisers
  • interbank mediator (loan issue, etc.)
  • qualified insurance consultant

Official partner

I am constantly informed about the market and I am looking for new collaborations.

The ways of promoting real estate in a very demanding period are changing inside and outside the borders. I watch everything with sobriety and I decide flexibly for new ways of advertising and many times acting separately for each property.

The ways are discussed on a case-by-case basis with the respective seller-owner.